What is meant by Refinance Calculator?

What is meant by Refinance Calculator?

Allcalculator.net: Refinance Calculator for Smart Savings

Allcalculator.net offers a powerful Refinance Calculator that allows you to assess the potential savings and benefits of refinancing a personal loan. By inputting relevant details, our calculator provides valuable insights into how much you can save by refinancing and helps you make informed decisions about your financial situation. Explore the possibilities of refinancing and discover the potential savings with the Refinance Calculator at Allcalculator.net.

How to use the refinance Calculator?

Steps for a free online refinance Calculator are discussed below.

Current loan

First, provide details of your current loan, which you would like to refinance.

  • Balance left on loan: give the original loan amount or the outstanding balance of the remaining loan.
  • Due date: set the date based on the balance previously set
  • Payment: the monthly installment
  • Remaining or the original loan term 
  • The annual interest rate
  • Compound frequency in advanced mode

Loan Refinancing

You need to provide details of the new loan you use for a mortgage refinance.

  • The date of the payment of the new loan
  • Input the new loan term
  • The new interest rate
  • A fee as a percentage of the new balance
  • How much does the refinancing cost?
  • Cash in/out options is about to have some cash-out or in.
  • Compound frequency in advanced mode


This payment section compares the old and new loans, supporting decisions. Follow the progression of two loans in the chart and check the schedule of both loans.

Refinance New Installment

First, determine the outstanding principal balance before the rate changes:

Refinance New Installment = [P*R* (1+R) ^N*F] / [(1+R) ^N*F – 1]

P –Outstanding loan balance

R – New rate of interest

N – Number of periods for which the existing loan will continue

F – Frequency with which the loan shall be repaid

This Refinance Calculator can calculate the Refinanced Installment and the savings amount. 

Benefits of Refinancing Calculator

A refinance calculator provides the necessary information for refinancing one's first Mortgage. There are several factors to evaluate refinancing options, and the refinancing Calculator is among them. This Calculator will provide you with the correct information. You can receive accurate and reasonable results.

At Allcalculator.net, we believe in empowering you to achieve your financial goals through smart refinancing decisions. Use our refinance calculator to unlock the savings potential of your Personal Loan.

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