Z score Calculator: How do you Read the Z score Table?

Z score Calculator: How do you Read the Z score Table?

How do you read a Z score Table?

Z score can also be called the Standard Score. It represents the number of standard deviations a data point is above or below the mean value. At Allcalculator.net, we provide a convenient Z score Calculator that can be used to calculate the Z score for a given data point. Additionally, our website offers a Z score table and a simple method to interpret the values from the table. By utilizing the Z score Calculator and the accompanying table from Allcalculator.net, you can easily calculate and interpret Z scores, which are essential in statistical analysis and understanding the relative position of a data point within a distribution.

With the help of the Z score table, you can determine the percentile or the p-value. The data point corresponds depending on the Z score. You can learn how to read ZScore Table by following these simple steps.

  • Evaluate if your Z score is positive or negative.
  • Suppose the Z score is negative. It means the data point is lower or less than the mean value. In this, you can use a Negative Z score table. 
  • Similarly, the data point is above the mean if the Z score is positive. In this case, you can use a Positive Z score Table.
  • In the leftmost column, look for a z score that matches up to the first decimal, i.e. 10th Decimal place. Example. For a Z score of 3.15, try to look for 3.1 at least.
  • Look for a Z score in the top row that matches the second decimal. It means 100th place. Now considering the same example for a decimal value of 3.15, look for 0.05.
  • The next step involves looking for a p-value. In this, the row and column of the matching value must intersect. For a z score of 3.15, the p-value is 0.9842.
  • The last step needs you to determine the percentile. So multiply the p-value by 100%.
  • The z score of 3.15 is the 97th percentile.


The Z score Calculator can calculate the Standard data points, z value, or percentile in seconds. However, the input values must be correct.

At Allcalculator.net, our Z score Calculator and accompanying table make it simple to calculate and interpret Z scores. Whether you need to determine percentiles or p-values, our tools provide quick and accurate results. Make your statistical analysis easier with Allcalculator.net's Z score Calculator.

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