How much does a car loan cost at its highest interest rate?

How much does a car loan cost at its highest interest rate?

Not all auto loans are made equal. You must consider more than just each loan offer's interest rate as you compare your possibilities. The first quarter's average rates range from 5.18 percent to 21.32 percent based on credit and car type. Individual lenders may charge maximum rates of 30% or more; these are averages. However, the answer to the question of what the highest rate on a vehicle loan might be depends on several variables, including the state where you reside and the loan amount. You may also use tools like auto loan calculators to make the Loan Calculations online.

Interest rates for maximum auto loans vary by state

Your interest rate may be decided somewhere, like a bank or a vehicle dealer. However, your state's legislature has the last say over the highest interest rate that may be assessed. Usury rules, a legislative structure intended to limit the interest a lender may charge a consumer, are governed by individual states. Usury rules shouldn't be a concern if you have excellent credit because you'll be eligible for the greatest deal. However, you could only be eligible for a ridiculously high-interest loan if you have a history of missed payments, extravagant spending, or bankruptcy or have a habit of interest loan calculations using Interest Calculator.

Your potential interest rate cap will vary depending on your lender and where its headquarters are. State-to-state differences in restrictions are substantial. For example, there is a 10% cap on "money, goods, or things in action in California." However, as Nevada has no regulations for maximum usury laws, a lender may charge you anything they want if you live next door in that state. Additionally, even if you live in California and finance your automobile purchase through a lender in Nevada, you can still be given a loan with a sky-high Interest Rate.

How to check the usury laws in your state?

You will need to study to learn more about the usury rules in your state because the federal government needs a standard structure for interest rates on vehicle loans. The Conference of Bank State Supervisors directory provides an interactive map of usury regulations nationwide, which is the best place to start.

Remember that the rule has many exceptions and that legal terminology might need clarification as you navigate the tool. A maximum interest rate may be stated as "unless otherwise agreed upon." Therefore, even if a state may have a maximum of 9 percent, signing a contract for 14 percent means committing to a costlier debt.

It can be worthwhile to speak with a lawyer or your state's attorney general office if you think a lender is providing you with an illegal interest rate. Penalties are in place in several states. If you are charged more interest than what is permitted by law in your state, you may be reimbursed for it.

Car loan alternatives for bad credit

You likely have less-than-perfect credit if you investigate your state's maximum interest rates for vehicle loans. Before accepting a terrible credit vehicle loan, it's a good idea to investigate alternative financing choices rather than letting that "fair" credit score lock you into a contract with an astronomically high-interest rate.

Having a co-signer on the agreement with a higher credit score than you are one of the greatest methods to increase the likelihood that a lender will grant you a loan. A family member or friend's recommendation can go a long way towards assisting you in locking in a reduced interest rate. However, this choice has some significant risks: If you ever fall behind on any payments, your co-signer may become upset since they will now be held accountable for the debt.

You are not required to purchase a car with an auto loan. Alternatively, you can obtain a personal loan to pay the expenses. Bankrate's best personal loans for those with weak credit feature lower credit score requirements. However, prequalify before you sign since you can wind up with rates close to what you would pay with a car loan. To find accurate results of your car loan calculations, use Auto Loan Calculator.


If your income is sufficient to cover the loan payments and the lender accepts your debt load, a higher credit score won't put you in the higher range of auto loan rates. However, if your credit score is on the lower end, concentrate on raising it to put yourself in a position to receive the most appealing financing options.

When you're prepared to compare financing options, consider vehicle loan rates. Once you know the finest rates you can qualify for, determine whether it is advisable to move forward right now or to wait and invest the time in repairing your credit to eventually get an even lower rate.

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