About Us

We are a team of IT experts who are passionate about producing high-quality free products and online content. This website's main goal is to provide a wide variety of free online calculators readily available for use by the general audience.

This website's calculators were divided into four categories: math, fitness & health, finance, and others. The calculators were all created internally. Some calculators make use of JavaScript components that are available under various open-source licences.

More than 90% of the calculators, like the mortgage calculator and BMI calculator, are based on well-known equations or formulas from textbooks. If there is disagreement over a formula, we present the conclusions of all widely used formulas, as seen in the Ideal Weight Calculator. Internal formulas are the foundation of amusement-only calculators like the "love calculator."

Each calculator was designed and coded separately, and each one was rigorously tested. Your feedback is very important to us. Therefore we ask that you let us know if you find even the smallest inaccuracy. Some of the calculators on all calculators are only for use in particular nations, even though the majority are made to be used globally.

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