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Percentage Calculator

A percentage calculator is an online tool that displays a given number's percentage. This calculator tool makes the calculation faster and displays the percentage in a fraction of a second. The user experience remains simple and smooth; they can also find the percent values based on their need.

Percentage Calculator

The word 'Percentage' is derived from the Latin word 'Per Centum,' which means 'By a Hundred' we say it by 'Per Hundred.' The percentage is several ratios that define a fraction of 100. Its symbol is %. A percentage is the best way to represent 'How much' and 'How many’; it shows changes in an increase or decrease ratio and a portion of any physical thing. The percentage is very important; it sounds technical to say 50% rather than 0.5. Percentages are computed by multiplying the value of a ratio by 100.


35% is equivalent to the decimal 0.35, the fractions 35/100 and 7/20.

If 25 out of 50 students in a classroom are male,

25/50 = 1/2 = 0.5.

The value of the ratio is, therefore, 0.5, and multiplying this by 100 yields:

0.5 x 100 = 50

Is there any percentage formula?

Yes, the percentage formula can be written in different forms. The formula is based on an algebraic equation.

P x V1= V2

  • P - Percentage
  • V1 - first value that the percentage will modify
  • V2 - results of the percentage operating on V1

Percentage difference formula

The percentage difference between two values is calculated by dividing the absolute value of the difference between two numbers by the average of two numbers. The equation for the percentage difference formula is shown below:

Percentage Difference = | V1- V2 | / (V1+ V2)/2 x 100

Percentage change formula

Percentage increase and decrease are calculated by computing the difference between two values and comparing the difference to the initial value. It involves the absolute value of the difference between two values and then dividing the result by the initial value.


500 increased by 10% (0.1)

500 x (1 + 0.1) = 550

500 decreased by 10%

500 x (1 - 0.1) = 450

How to use a Percentage Calculator?

Percentage calculator is an all-time handy, accurate, and easy-to-use calculator. Every part of the calculator has functionality, and everything is free to use. There are five sections in the percentage calculator, each of which has different mechanisms.

Choose calculation type

When you open the website, you may see many input boxes. You can decide what type of calculation you want, and many phrases are available.

Input the values

You can input the values or numbers inside the empty boxes.

Calculate and reset

Press calculate button, and you can get the result with full math calculation. You can empty all the fields using the Reset All button. It will refresh the calculator.

Tips for using a percentage calculator

  • In the percentage calculator, you can input an integer (3), a decimal (2.4), a fraction (5/7), or a mixed fraction (2 1/7).
  • Use the keyboard's left and right side arrows key to move between input fields in the percentage calculator.
  • The answer will be calculated automatically.

Where can you use this percentage calculator?

You can use this percentage calculator in daily life and the following terms:

  • Store discounts
  • Payment of taxes
  • Financial operations
  • Interest rates and mortgage rates in banks
  • Statistical data and predictions based on them
  • Charge indicators in phones, laptops, etc.

Features of Percentage Calculator!

Simple to use UI - this tool is not complex; you can get a clear answer.

Fast result - percentage calculator gives you a resultant output very fast, and there are no issues in loading.

Effortless - no need to do the boring manual mathematical calculations as it saves time and makes an effortless .

100% accurate - this tool will never give you an incorrect answer. There is no chance for mistakes or wrong output.


In this article, you learn how to calculate a percentage using a calculator. No charges or hidden costs to using it, and no usage limit. It will also help you to solve problems easily. It saves your time and helps you to get an accurate result.

Our Percentage Calculator simplifies percentage calculations, providing accurate results in seconds. Whether you need to calculate discounts, taxes, interest rates, or financial operations, our tool ensures quick and reliable solutions for all your percentage-related needs.


What is the Percentage?

A: The word Percentage is derived from the Latin ‘Per Centum,’ which means ‘by a hundred.’ It defines the number or ratio that defines a fraction of 100.

What are the features of a percentage calculator?

A:simple to use UI fast results effortless 100% accurate

How to use a percentage calculator?

A: first, choose the calculation type input the values calculate and reset

How much is 60% of 1260?

A:60% of 1260 is equal to 60/100 * 1260 = 756

What is a percentage increase calculator?

A:The percentage increase calculator computes an increase or decrease of a specific percentage of the given number.

What is the formula for percentage?

A:Percentage formulas can be written in algebraic equations as P * V1 = V2